• About Cranberry Radio

    Cranberry Radio is part of the Cranberry family of companies. Launched by PRWeb's founder David McInnis, Cranberry is a content marketing platform that helps business, organizations and individuals amplify their brands. CranberryRadio started its life as WebmaserRadio.fm. As an online radio network, we owe much of our success to online radio pioneers, Brandy and Daron Babin and the hundreds of show hosts and thousands of guests that contribute powerful programming to the network. (You can read about the transition from WebmasterRadio to CranberryRadio here.)

    Amplification is in our DNA. When McInnis started PRWeb in 1997 much of the modern internet didn't even exist. Getting online visibility for your brand was relatively complicated. However, it was easier than getting media coverage for the average small business. Mr. McInnis saw the opportunity to establish PRWeb as a media bypass platform, helping companies take their message directly to their consumers and prospects unfiltered by the media. PRWeb was essentially the first content marketing platform for press release content. We did not call it content marketing back then, but that is the role we played.

    With the recent launch of Cranberry, Mr. McInnis has shown his commitment and passion for helping brands build online engagement and visibility. The addition of Cranberry Radio to the family of services provides another platform for brands and individuals to build content, authority and engage with consumers and prospects. 

    Whether you are a small company, a thought leader or even an aspiring thought leader we welcome you to our network. As a listener we hope you will find value in the content we deliver through our programming. As a show host, we hope to help you amplify your brand in a way that brings value to our listeners.