• March 21, 2017

    Cranberry Radio Becomes Business Intentional With Shelby B Larson

    Digital marketing expert, Shelby B Larson has finally agreed to share her expertise with a broader audience through her exclusive podcast on Cranberry Radio. Shelby has gained a reputation as being a go-to expert in digital marketing strategies and scaling companies in general by being a serial entrepreneur herself as well as getting consistent, exceptional results for her clients through her digital marketing agency, Intentional.Media and her content marketing company Content Divas. (Sidenote: She did this all by working from home while raising five amazing children.)

    What Does It Mean To Be "Business Intentional"? 

    “Intention” is one of the most important words in Shelby’s life - both personally and professionally. Her most popular keynote is titled “Intentional Marketing” and she’s one of the few people who publishes content around Google’s algorithmic search requirements that center around intention. She even named her digital marketing agency Intentional Media. However, while intention is a critical part of Shelby’s life, she’s noticed that it’s also become a very popular “buzz word”.

    The truth is that starting and successfully growing a business is hard. It’s rewarding and beautiful, but honestly, really hard. Shelby speaks very passionately and strategically about the power of intention and is excited by the growing awareness around it. However, her show centers around reminding us all that having good intentions is not always enough. Unfortunately, we’ve all seen too many good businesses, run by intelligent, hard-working business owners be nearly run into the ground through good intentions. Shelby’s show is all about how to be “business intentional” so that everyone in your company has the knowledge to make good decisions that are in the best interest of your company and goals.

    Business Intentional Advice From Business Icons and Catalysts

    Shelby’s commitment to high-standards and excellence has helped her build strong social capital with some of the greatest business minds in the digital marketing and business world. Each week she will interview these world-class experts to get their best business-intentional strategies, tactics and experience so that you can consistently learn from some of the greatest minds in business. While her personal sphere of genius centers around digital marketing, she’ll leave no stone unturned around growing yourself and your business.

    Her show will focus on how to navigate your business in terms of marketing strategies, lead acquisition, client retention, business development, hiring and managing teams, and overall business growth. In addition to that, Shelby knows that having a successful company means nothing if your personal life falls apart in the process. So she’ll interview guests who are specialists at mindset and maintaining some sort of balancing act that makes sense for your life circumstances.

    "You have a Dream. I Bring it to the World."

    Shelby’s big “why” is pretty simple. She believes that every person on the planet has a dream, a message, a vision that can help make the world a better place. She views marketing as her vessel to help bring those visions and messages to the world. Her personal super powers are understanding Google’s algorithm requirements around intentional search and creating high-converting sales funnels and marketing campaigns designed to give her clients an unfair advantage over their competitors.

    In 2007, Shelby saw a huge gap in the market for quality content and marketing services this gap prompted her creation of Content Divas which was intended to provide work-from-home opportunities to stay-home moms. This  blossomed into a series of Digital & Content Marketing companies assisting hundreds of businesses in getting their message out to the world while successfully scaling to that elusive “next level”. It’s a point of great pride that 75% of her 100+ staff are still comprised of stay-home moms, veterans and disabled individuals.

    Her success with Content Divas, which started out as a small team of content providers hatched her full-service Digital Marketing agency – Intentional.Media. In 2016, she published her first book, Moonlighting on the Internet to help families understand how to create consistent, legitimate income from home. In 2017 Shelby entered the world of internet radio with her very own show, Business Intentional at Cranberry.fm. She hosts weekly episodes where listeners can soak in extremely valuable knowledge from Shelby and her world-class guests about how to be “business intentional.