• Our On-Air Talent - Your Hosts

    We are proud of the great hosts that have participated in our network. Brandy and Daron sought participation from the leaders in their respective fields. We truly stand on the shoulders of these giants at Cranberry Radio.

    Our commitment is to provide the best programming for any given subject area. Think you've got what it takes to join their ranks? Want to host your own show? We would love to hear from you.

    Here is the list of past and present show hosts.

  • Adam Young

    Adam has been self-employed since he was 13 and has never looked back. He loves affiliate marketing and is the master of teaching people how to maximize their email marketing strategies without going postal.
  • Amber Turrill

    Amber Turrill is an advertising consultant for hire, veteran internet marketer, yoga instructor, ethnomusicologist and lover of all concepts and ideas. Amber is currently the Funnel Engineer for WhiteCoat Digital based in Toronto.
  • Andy Atkins-Krueger

    Andy is a seasoned search marketer who specializes in international search and international online marketing. He trained as a linguist studying French, German, and Russian before heading into international public relations.
  • Anne Kennedy

    President of Outlines Venture Group, Anne mentors scalable Internet startups and presents women’s leadership events worldwide. She is a marketing industry veteran and led Beyond Ink from 1997 to 2013.
  • Bas van den Beld

    Owner of stateofsearch.com, Bas is a well-respected search strategist, international search specialist, and blogger. He is also the owner of NetTraject, a Dutch company that advises on international search.
  • Beau Blackwell

    Beau is the Client Knowledge Guru for ClickBank and has been in the online marketing business for several years. He is experienced in SEO, affiliate marketing, PPC management, and affiliate marketing.
  • Bennet Kelley

    Founder of the Internet Law Center, Bennet has been called "one of the top ten qualified attorneys in internet law." He is Co-Chair of the California Bar Cyberspace Committee and plays a leading role in shaping internet law.
  • Brad Geddes

    Author of Advanced Google AdWords, Brad has written extensively about internet marketing for over a decade. He has provided marketing for Amazon, Yahoo!, Business.com, Encyclopedia Brittanica, and Red Lobster.
  • Brandy Babin

    Brandy is a Co-Founder of WebmasterRadio.FM and NewGen Broadcasting LLC. Her background in business development and public relations has fostered years of success working alongside Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Google.
  • Brian Lewis

    A noted industry author and speaker, Brian is the Vice President of Engine Ready and has over 20 years experience in digital and direct marketing. His articles have appeared in the New York Times, eMarketer, Search Engine Watch, and SEM Journal.